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At Chickpea, we believe in delivering healthy, and comfort food that your mind and body can say YES to. Our meals are prepared with fresh, clean ingredients to ensure you get the quality of food you deserve. Our mission is to provide fresh, baked organic meals that do not compromise your health. We offer a unique opportunity to experience healthy food with new texture and flavors. Our extensive menu is designed with an emphasis on a variety of healthy and flavorful food options, including sandwiches, salads, platter, and so much more served with our mouth-watering hummus.

Whether you are looking to order a quick bite to satisfy your hunger or dine in at a beautiful light-filled space with your friends or family, we have you covered! When it comes to designing our extensive menu, we follow an approach that is simple yet engaging. We know our customers are passionate about food but want to follow a healthy lifestyle; that’s why we believe in “always baked, never fried” mantra.

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  • ”A phenomenal restaurant. I eat their falafel wrap every Saturday during my weekly NY visit, and plan to continue the tradition as I continue my travels!" -Dareien Goens.
  • ”Good place to grab a quick bite. Polite staff. Freshly prepared." –jan achenbach.